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The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return

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1/1/07 01:14 am

HAPPY FLIPPIN NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's get crunk bizzzzzzzzzzzzznitchs!

11/17/05 10:37 pm

Today was actually...great. I passed my math fcat which made me very happy. Went to wrestling practice and it was boring like always. Linette and I decided to go to the boys soccer game and it was actually exciting. Tony let me borrow his jacket. I hope Britney doesnt find out and kill me :P I can't wait for tomorrow! Weeeeeeeeeeeee! ok thats all

9/28/05 06:24 pm

Hey guess what!

Its friends only now. Comment to be added and I'll think about it..

9/27/05 10:02 pm

Get me a giant swimming pool of butter cause I am a lobster. I got more sunburnt today. Ohhh well. I have homework to finish but I'm lazy and I dont feel like doing it andddddd I need to take a shower but I dont want to get up. Did you know that theres 28 bones in your foot and each toe has 3 bones except your big one which has 2 bones? I'm smart like that..

9/26/05 07:18 pm

Today was cool. I took pictures of Sarah in basketball. I will show them at the end of my entry. I went to football practice and Coach Cobb found me and called me "Sweetie" and asked for me to give him some "skin, and not leave me hangin girlllllll." He is a silly man. He tried stealing the golf-cart. Anyhoo I am now sunburnt and I am a lobster. Woot woot, drama club meeting tomorrow. Too bad Sarah wont be there..party pooper. :)

 Mwhaha. Dont mind Britney's butt..I also got an amazing video of Nick in health, but I dont know how to put it on lj..I know I suck at life. The End


9/25/05 08:58 pm

Sarah and I's adventureCollapse )

9/24/05 07:08 pm

I got my class pictures yesterday. They are okay I think, but everyone else likes them a lot. My hair is kinda wavy but oh well. I got some in black in white if you want one if I have some after I give them out to my family you can have one. Golf cart racing at school is fun, unless you are in the back like me. I hope I get a new jersey soon. The number 37 is a weird number and its a large and could be worn as a dress. I am sad that Cori didnt get picked for Homecoming Queen. I loved her dress, she looked beautiful. I think Katie is cool though so I'm not disappointed with the outcoming vote. I think I am going to Target soon.

9/22/05 10:06 pm

I danced, I screamed, I played football, I ran around. Tonight was a tiring night. Another night of it tomorrow!WHOOOOO! I love making a fool of myself. I think I need to get in shape. Loose those unwanted pounds! Okay...not tonight, I need my pizza.

9/21/05 03:41 pm

Today went by fast. At football practice it rained so we sat in the rain and then killer flying ants attacked us so we got to sit in the car. Tomorrow I'm getting cupcakes and then Friday, Gatorade. Yum yum yum. I wont get home from school until maybe 10pm tomorrow. That kinda sucks. I need some gas in the car and I'm going to Target.

9/20/05 08:39 pm

 Lookk at my big fat Mayberry! Alls well that ends well. :)
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